Hosea 10

Image A nation that refuses to listen will die.  Why not listen to God?  If He is upfront about His consequences, why choose to ignore KNOWLEDGE?  

Hosea 8

Image God's Word is our Final authority.  When God gave us the Word of God, He gave us the knowledge of God.  If we stray from His gift through His Word, we live life like animals without a soul, and ultimately, we live in a fantasy world that we create.  Israel walked away from God for many years and refused to turn back.  If we decide to live on our own, we will reap a life that will sweat us to death. It is time that we take another look or, better said, repent and reread the Word of God slowly enough to find out who God really is.  Hosea is popular for the woman he married, but not many people know that Hosea's marriage had a deadly meaning when applied to the behavior of Israel.  Let us learn from the lesson from Israel and connect back to God, or the judgment pronounced on Israel is still in operation today.  Jesus has given all we need to find the kind of life we all want through His guided instructions in the Word of God.  

Hosea 7

Hosea 7 When people do not follow directions, death or hurt is inevitable. Religion has been an attack on the simplicity of God's instructions for man for thousands of years and is currently running rapidly in our society today. When God did all he could to save the land made for his people, and they refused to listen,  God sent those who did listen to Him to warn His people.  His people refused to listen, and Hosea 7 details what occurred. When we go beyond the knowledge of God, who is all knowledge, we live our lives in make-believe or in a fairy tale.  

Hosea 6

  Hosea 6 tells us that God is tired of the behavior of Israel. God sees the end of Israel as a people.  People trust leaders, pastors, priests, or government officials.  God holds the priest in this chapter accountable for their path in leading His people. God knows how to humble each of us, and He knows what will make us change.  He speaks through Hosea and tells him that Isreal and Judah if Judah does not change, will suffer; and the suffering will make a demand of calling on God early because it will be great.  We can learn from God through Hosea 6 how to avoid unnecessary suffering because we refuse to stop sinning. I hope that the illustrations I have chosen benefit your understanding as we get to know the great Love of Our Father.  

Hosea 5

In Hosea 5, God shows us a portrait of how things will end if we refuse to change.  The northern kingdom, Israel, disobeyed God more and more, even after sending them several warnings.  Judah, the southern kingdom, was told to take heed to the behavior of the northern kingdom or the same judgment would fall on them. We can use our imagination to try to live the good life, but it will never work.  We must cast down every imagination that lifts itself beyond the knowledge of God.  The Word of God is final. When we go beyond that, we live in an imaginary or unrealistic land.  

Hosea 4 Animated Video

Today is the first day I have blogged about what I have learned since August 3rd.  I have several videos on the book of Daniel and Hosea that I will try to organize later.   In Hosea 4, God cries about the behavior of Israel, and He pleads with Judah about copying their ways. Israel is the older sister, and God asks the younger sister Judah to stay close to Him and not look at Israel as its model. Israel has fallen in love with idols and refuses to let go.  God as a husband, begs his wife to return to Him, and He promises to love her despite all prostitution.  I use animations in this chapter to show how I view chapter 4.  Please view the video and let me know if your understanding is clearer in what God wants us to know. God has decided to love us, showing us how He wants to be loved in return. Please pray for me as I try my best to make the Word of God as simple as I know how while reading to people of all ages.  May you hunger for the Word of God all day long.  In the name of the  G